Seniors Programs

Seniors Program get introduced to Practical Gardening

On January 17th, 2024, our Seniors Program orchestrated a thrilling practical gardening session. At the session, Seniors were able to enjoy a complimentary meal that featured healthy foods like salad and egg sandwiches while listening to Agnes Somuah, (the panel speaker and presenter), slideshow on her journey on planting. Somuah then held a workshop showing

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Seniors visit the Muttart!

On Jan. 7, our Seniors Program partnered up with the Muttart Conservatory to deliver an unreal experience to the attendees participating. The Seniors were able to observe the various plants available while inquiring about farming details around Edmonton. This field trip was the introduction to the Seniors Program’s planting workshops that will be spread out

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Seniors Learn About Yoga and Diet!

On Nov. 8, the Seniors program hosted a yoga and dietitian session that focused on the benefits of yoga, dieting and stories of culture. Special guests Salwa Najmeddine, who is a certified Alberta Fitness Leader (AFLCA) and storyteller Suzanne Gross helped us deliver a memborable session for our seniors. Here is a video of

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Seniors Learn Rights and Responsibilities

The Seniors Program organized an educational session led by Zeher Chadi from Tarrabain Law, enlightening seniors about their rights and responsibilities in Canada. Topics that were covered include, immigration enforcement and rights, estate planning, scams and fraud prevention, cultural and relgious freedom, and end-of-life planning/ wills. After the sessions, TheBlissfulBoard provided a delightful vegetarian catering, offering a

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