Case Management

About This Program

Case management program is a comprehensive settlement support for newcomer families and children facing multiple and complex barriers to integrate into the Canadian society.

When the client(s) comes to our agency, they get assessed by a settlement worker to determine the level of the support needed.

If the client(s) need significant intervention support, they are triaged to one of our case managers. The case managers provide info sessions and orientations to clients and make a holistic plan in order to assist them navigate settlement and mainstream services. The case managers practice client-centered and trauma-informed approach. 


Areas of support provided may include but not limited to the following:

  • Info sessions and Workshops
  • Advocacy
  • Housing
  • Immigration document applications
  • Income support
  • Employment and job search
  • Personal safety
  • Food security
  • Community connections
  • Education & language
  • Childcare
  • Mental health
  • Legal support
  • AISH
  • Referrals
  • Health
  • And many more…

Who this program is for

  • Immigrant Albertans who are Permanent Residents of Canada
  • Refugees under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act with Convention Refugee Status
  • Refugee Claimants
  • Canadian Citizens

More Information

  • Name: Barlin Halane
  • Phone:(647) 502-0474
  • Address: 13415C Fort Road NW
  • Email: