Settlement Programs

AIWCC offers support to those new to Canada and Alberta through services like support counselling, employment insurance benefits, child and tax benefits, housing support, government documents support, and much more. These programs are designed for all newcomer clients.

Citizenship Preparation

Learn what it means to be a Canadian Citizen, and what rights and responsibilities come with citizenship. Newcomers will learn about Canada’s history, political system, justice system, the economy, and more.

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Community Connections

This program is for newcomers who would like to connect more to the community they now belong to. Newcomers will have the opportunity to go on field trips, join conversation circles, meet new friends, and discover volunteer possibilities.

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Information and Orientation

These workshops are the perfect place to talk about settling into a new country. We will talk about finding a job and place to live, transportation, school, and much more.

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Seniors Programs

This program is for vulnerable newcomer seniors who need help staying connected to their family and community. This is a place to practice speaking English, make new friends, and learn how to use modern technology. Through group discussions you will feel connected and supported.

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