About This Program

AIWCC offers workshops that can be tailored to organizational and individual needs and interests, with the goal of understanding and addressing systemic and individual racism. These workshops will design to allow a safe space for discussion about equity, race, and human rights, while simultaneously helping participants navigate differences, power relationships, and conflict. The workshops content will design for experimental learning environment. Each workshop will be conducted by educators and facilitators with subject matter expertise.


  • Acknowledging and Addressing Racism
  • Racial Inclusion and Employment Equity
  • Intervening on Racism
  • The Construction and Maintenance of Systemic Racism
  • Recognizing Resilience in Communities
  • Challenging Unconscious Bias and Micro-aggressions
  • Bystander and De-escalation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Cross-cultural Engagement
  • Cultural Sensitivity competence
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Anti-Islamophobia
  • Islamophobia Youth Capacity Building
  • Introduction to Anti-Oppressive Practices
  • Know your Rights and Responsibilities
  • Engaging the Media
  • Islam in the Workplace
  • Workshop for Children and Teenagers


    • Immigrants and newcomers serving agencies and community members


    • Name: Saynab Hassan
    • Phone: 780- 884-2923
    • Address: 13415 C Fort Road NW, Edmonton, AB T5A 1C6
    • Email: Saynab.h@aiwcc.ca