Equity Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by Alberta Immigrant Women & Children Centre (AIWCC) and Equity in Action, and is informed by the wisdom and insight from many community members, staff members, and social impact organizations in the Edmonton area.

This toolkit project, initiated by AIWCC, underscores their commitment to delivering culturally and racially responsive services to Edmonton’s newcomer communities. AIWCC is dedicated to empowering immigrant women and families by providing inclusive programs and services tailored to meet their needs. This commitment extends not only within their organization but also as an integral part of a broader community of settlement agencies.

These tools are intended to support organizations on their learning journey to ensure the provision of culturally and racially relevant services to the communities they serve. Each tool focuses on applying an equity lens to a different aspect of organizational development.

The tools are designed to be used “as you need them”, depending on what kind of organizational development you are undertaking with an equity focus. They do not need to be done in sequence and can be used together or stand alone. The tools can be printed out and used as worksheets.

Take these tools, build on them, and adapt them to support your organizational growth. Share them with others so we can collectively promote equity in our communities.

The individual tools are organized into four different modules focused on:

  • Organizational Policy
  • Program Delivery
  • Staff Capacity and Organizational Culture
  • Board Development

Foundational Module

This module – the Foundational Module – should be used with every tool in this toolkit. It contains:

  • an overview of all the individual tools in the toolkit,
  • the principles for using these tools,
  • definitions of diversity, inclusion and equity, and
  • two foundational exercises that should be used in conjunction with each individual tool.

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Module #1

  • Organizational Policy – Tools for Equity

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Module #2

  • Program Delivery with an Equity Lens

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Module #3

  • Building Staff Capacity and Organizational Culture for Equity

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Module #4

  • Equitable Governance and Community Accountability

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