Project Facilitator

Job Summary:

The Indigenous-Newcomers Project Facilitator is responsible for designing, coordinating, and implementing a project that promote the relationship of Indigenous and newcomers in the community. This role involves creating a supportive environment that respects and celebrates the cultural diversity of both Indigenous and newcomer communities. The facilitator will work collaboratively with various stakeholders, organizations, and community members to ensure the successful implementation of the project.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Project Development and Coordination:
– Design, develop and facilitate culturally sensitive activities to bridge the gap
between indigenous and newcomers.
– Collaborate with community members, leaders, and organizations to gather
input and ensure program relevance.
– Implement activities that promote cultural exchange, and community
– Develop and maintain project schedules, ensuring all tasks are identified,
assigned, and tracked.
2. Community Engagement:
– Build relationships between Indigenous and newcomer community member to
foster trust and cooperation.
– Organize and facilitate community meetings, workshops, and events to
encourage participation and collaboration.
– Provide support and resources to individuals and families to enhance their
integration and well-being.
3. Cultural Competency Training:
– Develop and deliver cultural competency training for service providers,
community members, and other stakeholders.
– Provide guidance on understanding and respecting the unique cultural
practices, histories, and perspectives of both Indigenous and newcomer
4. Partnership Building:
– Collaborate with local organizations, government agencies, and service
providers to create a network of support for Indigenous an newcomers.
– Create resource directory
– Establish partnerships to leverage resources and enhance the impact of the
5. Documentation, Monitoring and Evaluation:
– Develop and implement systems for monitoring and evaluating the
effectiveness of the activities.
– Maintain accurate and up-to-date project documentation, including meeting
minutes, action items, and project status reports.
– Prepare and distribute reports to project stakeholders, highlighting key
achievements, challenges, and upcoming milestones.
– Collect and analyze data to measure outcomes and report back to the funder.


– Post Secondary in social work, community development, Indigenous studies,
or a related field.
– Knowledge and understanding of Indigenous cultures, histories, and
– Experience working with both Indigenous and newcomer communities.
– Strong communication and facilitation skills.
– Strong organizational and multitasking abilities.
– Proven experience as a project coordination and facilitation or in a similar
– Ability to build and maintain positive relationships with diverse stakeholders.
– Understanding of the challenges faced by newcomers in a cultural context.
– Project management skills.
– Ability to function independently and as part of a team.
– Valid Security Clearance Check, Child Welfare Record Check no more than 4 months old are conditions of hire.

Details :

– $20/ hour, part time (10 hours per week) from February 19,2024 to April 29,2024 with a possibility of extension.
We embrace diversity and offer equal opportunities to all qualified applicants regardless of origin, culture, ethnicity, age, ability, gender identity and people of faith or no faith.

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